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        Hemp seed  oil Hemp seed  oil Hemp seed  oil Hemp seed  oil Hemp seed  oil Hemp seed  oil
        Hemp seed  oil
        Hemp seed  oil
        Hemp seed  oil
        Hemp seed  oil
        Hemp seed  oil
        Hemp seed  oil

        Hemp seed oil

        Hemp seed  oil Credit Loan Support >>

        FOB Price: $ 35.00 - $ 40.00 /KG
        MOQ: 25.00 KG
        Other Name: Hemp oil
        Origin: China
        Brand: Zhongxiang

        Product Details

        • Item Name: Hemp seed oil
        • Other Name: Hemp oil
        • Appearance: Colorless to light yellow liquid
        • CAS NO.:
        • Flash Point: 50℃
        • Hs Code: 3301299999
        • Type: GENERAL


        Ji’An ZhongXiang Natural Plants Co.,Ltd is a factory that specialized in essential oils,carrier oils, ?hydrosol and some plant extract like borneol. We offer both products in big drum and small package with OEM/ODM service. ? As an essential oil manufacturer,we have our own planting base and extraction machine for products. We also import many raw materials like Rose Flower, Moroccan agran, Australia tea tree leaves, Bulgarian lavender and some other raw material. ?We produce all kinds of essential oils and carrier oils. ? In order to offer clients OEM/ODM service,we have dust free cosmetic room and machine to offer clients small bottles essential oils or hydrosol. We can customize clients' package or offer personalized formula. ? No matter our products in big drum or small pack,they are selling among worldwide. Quality is always the most effective competitiveness on market, and we are always insist in this principle to offer products to our clients. ?As a reliable supplier,we have got the certificate of ?ISO 9 0 0 1. Our laboratory can offer clients the product test results. ? Since company was found in 2010. There are about 100 workers and we have a integral system for company operation. The system include management department, production department, warehouse department, R&D Departments, sales department, purchasing department, quality department, customer service department and some other department. The different department take responsibility for different task, but

        Package & Storage


        Basic Description

        Wholesale bulk price 100% pure natural eucalyptus essential oils Product Description Product Introduction Eucalyptus essential oil is obtained from fresh leaves of the tall, evergreen eucalyptus tree (Eucalyptus globulus, or less common). The essential oil is colorless and has a distinctive taste and odor. The potent medicinal benefits of eucalyptus oil are due to a compound called eucalyptol (also known as 1,8-cineole), which has antimicrobial properties. The oil is used in a variety of over-the-counter drugs including rubs, inhalers, liniments, rash creams, and mouthwashes. Eucalyptus is native to Australia and has spread in the past few centuries to other parts of the world including China, India, Europe, and South Africa. It is also known as fever tree, Tasmanian blue gum tree or stringy bark tree, depending on where it is located in the world. Though many countries produce eucalyptus oil in small quantities, the prime source of eucalyptus oil for the world is still Australia. The numerous health benefits of eucalyptus oil have attracted the attention of the entire world, and it has stimulated a great deal of exploration into its usage in aromatherapy as well as in conventional medicine.

        Detail Description

        About the Hemp seed oil.

        Hemp seed oil is a kind of vegetable oil produced by physical cold pressing or subcritical low temperature extraction of hemp seeds from mulberry hemp.
        Hemp kernel is sweet in taste and flat in nature. It belongs to the spleen, stomach and large intestine meridians. It has the effect of moistening the intestine to relieve constipation and moistening dryness to kill insects.

        Item name 
        Natural organic oil-Hemp seed oil.
        Shelled hemp kernel contains 34.6% protein, 46.5% fat, and 11.6% carbohydrate.The most important characteristic of hemp kernel is that it provides essential fatty acids (EFAs) and alpha-linolenic acid which are essential in human diet.
        Product type
        100% pure base oil

        Packing option
        1) 5,10,15,20,30,50,100 ml amber glass bottles

        2) 1,2,5 kg aluminum bottle

        3) 25,180 kg iron drum

        Main efficacy
        1. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9) and a variety of active substances, with the ratio of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 reaching the international recommendation (no more than 1:4);

        2. Unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 have the health effects of preventing and assisting the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia).

        3. Flax seed oil also has the health care effect of improving the excretion of the body and removing wastes in the body;

        4. Remove bad fat and cell free radicals in the body, so as to continue the aging effect;

        5. Increase immunity, regulate internal environment and improve sleep;

        6, hemp seed oil is the world's only soluble in water vegetable oil, more conducive to human absorption.
        The shelf life 
        1 year.

        Pay attention to
        * not suitable for oily skin and acne

        * do not apply to oily acne skin.(or getting acne)

        * it is only a product that can improve skin and acne marks (please do not think of it as a acne treatment product).
        1) Free sample is available, but we not charge freight. 

        2) 3-6 days sample-time
        Lead time 
        1) within 10-15 days,under 10,000PCS

        2) within 15 days,FCL bulk purchase
        1) 30% deposit, balance payment before shipment

        2) TT,L/C,Western union, Paypal
        1) Raw material purchase

        2) OEM/ODM
        Main clients
        1) India, America, Australia, France, Dubai, Turkey, Russia and South Afica.

        2) cosmetics company, beauty salon and spa
        Product show

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        1.Be 100% responsible for quality complaint ,O quality  issue in our past dealings.

        2.Hundreds of products in different levels for your option .

        3.Free samples (less than 20ML)is offered at any time except carrier fee.

        4.Any inquiries will be replied with in 12 hours.

        5.Strictly on selecting raw materals.

        6.Reasonable &competitive price ,punctually delivery . 



        Q1:Are you factory or trading company ? 

        we are factory with our own sales workteam .

        Q2: why to choose us ?

        a. small order is acceptable ;

        b.free sample for you :

        c.Have self-export rights;

        d.have right to do commodity inspection .

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        • Supply Ability: 20000.00MT/Week
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        • Shipping Port: GuangZhou,ShenZheng,ShangHai,FuJian,TianJin
        • Payment Term: T/T ,Western Union
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        Hemp seed oil(Ji’an Zhongxiang Natural Plants Co.,Ltd)

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